A sissy shibari session with an Asian Mistress in London

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The following is a testimony from my personal slave, Rose Satin, from a session we had together recently. I have added some photos to show the ties I did with my sissy slave. The rest and the video I filmed on this day can be seen on my OnlyFans account.

"I met Mistress outside the Peacock Parlour early in the evening. We had a 2 hour session booked there and I was really looking forward to seeing what she had planned for us. My first surprise was that she intended to shoot something for her OnlyFans site, something which we had discussed in advance and had never managed to find the time for before now.

"This was the first time I had been with Mistress at her new location. The Peacock Parlour is a well equipped dungeon area in North London, run by Sir Claire Beck, who I also had the pleasure of meeting. My first task was to get dressed in my Maid outfit and make Mistress some coffee. Here I made the unforgiveable mistake of forgetting exactly how Mistress takes her coffee. I also realised when getting dressed that in my hurry to pack for my visit I had forgotten that my maid uniform had damage from trying to iron it and I had also picked up the wrong pair of stockings - the ones I had brought had ladders in them (ironically caused by damage from a previous session). Naturally, the coffee and the meticulous inspection of my appearance by Mistress led to several infractions of the sissy dress code which would need to be punished. Not only were the stockings laddered but I also put them on crooked in my rush to get ready! As you should know by looking at her photos, Mistress Sakura Strike is a very beautiful Asian Mistress who takes a great pride in her appearance and makes an effort to look even more amazing. She expects equally high standards of any sissies who serve her but especially me as her personal slave.

collared submissive tied with elaborate shibari tie"After inspection and while Mistress drank her coffee, she told me that I had accumulated several good points for which I would be rewarded and six punishment points. She was generous to me and offered me the chance to take my six punishments as six hard strokes of the cane rather than six separate punishments. I accepted the cane strokes. These were administered with me strapped to the whipping bench and my knickers pulled down. I am not a fan of corporal punishment so this is always a true punishment for me. The cane was quite painful on my bottom and upper thighs. For each stroke, Mistress had me count and thank her.

"My reward would involve extreme bondage, specifically shibari rope work, which Mistress and I both enjoy. There would also be elements of anal play and predicament bondage involved.

"I was ordered to strip out of my maid's uniform and remove all my clothing, leaving only my chastity cage on. I was then told to kneel on the bondage bed while Mistress began to wrap a rope harness around my chest and back. I always love the feel of rope on my skin and Mistress is a very skilled shibari practitioner who also loves to try out her own inventive ties on me sometimes.

"My arms were tied next, with my hands gripping the opposite elbow behind my back, and then I was gently moved into a postion on my front so my legs could be tied into a classic hogtie position. When it was complete, I was completely helpless and could feel that there was no way for me to escape from this bondage. I was then left to stew in that position. As Mistress said, she was giving me time to enjoy the comfort of this position before the real torment began.

I had no idea how long I was there. It is very easy to lose track of time. I was aware of Mistress walking around the dungeon, so I knew she was there and keeping an eye on me, and I spent some time testing the bonds to see how good they were. When she caught me doing this, Mistress showed me a photo of what the bonds on my back looked like and told me there was no point trying to escape. When I saw that photo I knew she was right (but then she always is right, she *is* Mistress) because the ropes looked very tightly tied.

Submissive tied in a hogtie with feet towards the cameraThe final bit of the torture is the bit that was filmed for the OnlyFans site. Mistress inserted an anal hook into me and then  tied this to the hogtie. I don't know exactly how she did it but the hook was placed in such a way that when I moved to make my arms comfortable in the bondage, I pushed the hook even deeper into me. I was left to struggle in that position for a time, alternating between a comfortable arse and comfortable arms. It was quite a delicious torture.

"I hope to explore more bondage scenarios like this the next time I visit Mistress."


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Posted on 1st May 2019

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